Monday, 17 October 2016

Animation Production 002

Low poly character modelling; I've done modelling in the past with 3ds Max and some Maya, but whenever the shape was complex or organic it became very difficult. Learning about the process has definitely made me more confident in my modelling abilities.

As with almost all forms of art, 3D follows the same principles of fleshing out the basic shapes first, before adding detail. This is something that I personally find counter intuitive, but there is no arguing with the results, in all of my artwork, any kind of fleshing out before working has given me better results in almost every circumstance, but I still find myself fighting against the concept.

Can't wait to start texturing, rigging and animating these low poly models, it'll be so satisfying to finally feel capable of creating a 3D character. I also have plans to create some more interesting models, perhaps with different body structures to see how it goes.

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