Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Animation Principles 002

In animation principles we've started covering exaggeration and caricatures, essentially covering more methods and techniques following on from the previous class of breaking objects and people down into fundamental shapes, now we're starting to take those shapes and build them into characters through physical and kinetic traits.

This is a caricature of Jack I did in the class, I made his ears and eyebrows larger for emphasis while simultaneously creating smaller eyes and nose. I took some of these new skills into personal studies and found after drawing a few people that walk by I was able to distinguish the different facial features fairly quickly and create a character / caricature of that person pretty quickly. I also found that fast drawings often pick up on the most predominant traits.

Now the challenge is to apply both the structure of the body with the caricature of the face. This is quite an enjoyable exercise as its quick, gestural and doesn't require a huge amount of visual analysis, at least from my personal experience. I feel fairly confident in picking up someones character after warm up exercises.

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