Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Animation Principles 001

Animation Principles has started with believe-ability, a concept that is used to convey information to an audience in such a way that they are able to look past the fact that all they are looking at drawings. Seeing through the artistry and feeling the characters they are watching, this is where we start learning our first principles, Solid Drawing and Squash and Stretch.

Solid Drawing : A method of drawing that incorporates 3-dimensional space, convincing the audience that the characters have depth and that they exist in a 3-dimensional world. This can of course be done with shadow and light, but that takes time. The core fundamentals of 3D involve perspective, no matter the shape, perspective will be involved. But of course, there is no time to draw out a perspective grid for every frame, but we can take the core fundamentals and turn them into a specific set of rules and consistencies. Another trait of perspective that is overlooked is how it begins to warp objects as they get closer to the focal point. i.e, if you are close enough to someone you'll notice you will see the top of their feet, while simultaneously seeing the bottom of their chin, although this may be extreme, the same is often present in animation as we see the top of characters feet from an angle.

Squash and Stretch : We haven't dove into a huge amount of depth of how this effects animation, but it is the deformation of shapes based on how they move, as something moves fast it begins to stretch etc. This is also based on some parameters such as the object material, but material is completely in the animators hands. Squash and Stretch lends itself well to Solid Drawing as you can begin to Squash and Stretch objects into 3-dimensional space.

Life Studies : refining people down into characteristic traits and gesture.


Self Study Time : Been doodling characters and shapes for studies.




This being my first week of work, I was making a lot of rookie mistakes, most notable is not drawing from life or reference. I have since been capturing character and movement in people. But I feel it is necessary to find the courage to post all my work, whether it is good or bad.

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